Jermaine Riley: Hello Earth

Jermaine Riley might not be a household name just yet but he's certainly worth keeping an eye on. Hello Earth is Jermaine's latest release following his previous records; Goodbye Krypton (which was his debut record) and Nine Ten Eleven - The Refixes (which was composed of remakes.) Both of which along with a couple of his singles are all available for free download, just like this latest one. Mixing soulful R&B with a cool hip hop dance rhythm, Hello Earth makes for a great club album or something to hold on to if you simply need some smoothing tracks for evening company.

Superman: The Mechanical Monsters (1941)

Superman: The Mechanical Monsters (1941) can be termed as an all time classical era of the superhero. Like always, Superman in this particular series is also out there to protect Metropolis from the many arch-rivals always trying to destroy the peace of the world. The opening scene is the typical Superman signature style, with people shouting "Up in the sky" ,"Look, its a bird", "Its a plane", "Its Superman" accompanying this opening scene is drum-rolls and trumpets taking you to the old school of cartoon making techniques. What would really catch the viewers attention would be the way Superman is shown in the cartoon. Quite hilarious, at-least that is the case with people of 2011.

The Nu Revolution Camp: Super Hero Theme Music Vol 1

What do you get when four of the best indie/underground artists form a crew and release a mix? Well, you get an indie hiphop supergroup. The Nu Revolution Camp, headed by FrostClick resident, Wordsmith, along with Kontact, Black Knight and White Folkz take underground hip hop to an entirely new level. Super Hero Theme Music Vol 1 is the first of several mixes from this talented crew. Just like superhero's, they breeze through rhymes like Superman sees through lead and drop beats like Batman knows Gotham City. It's definitely a fun album worth checking out. It's all about cool beats, amazingly tight words and definitely plenty of fun.