The Devil

Stomacher: Sentimental Education

Stomacher's Sentimental Education approaches like a storm in a clear skyline. Featuring ten tracks of ambient rock music, this collection harvest our emotions creating something that will sink deep in our cores. Hailing from San Francisco, CA, Stomacher is Jarrod, John, Jeff, Stephen, and Greg. They describe their music as a sound that's a bit of Radiohead, a little Interpol, and slightly reminiscent of Portishead, but still entirely and uniquely their own. Currently, their full-length album Clara has just been released last June 20.

Kings of the City: A FrostWire Special

With the advent of bands combining elements from different genres such as the rock scene and the hip-hop culture, mixing up guitar riffs with mad beats and free flowing lyrics, Kings of the City does a great job in standing out from the crowd. This London-based seven man group blends blues, rock-n-roll, hip-hop and grime like no other. A diverse group as theirs will surely cater to audiences who like unique sounds and have eclectic musical taste.