tiara wiles

Tiara Wiles: RE:Dux

Tiara Wiles has been around the scene for quite a while. Since 2008, she's released a record for almost every year and she's showing no sign of stopping just yet. Raised by parents who love music as well, Tiara has explored and experimented with her music. Ever since she first released her debut EP, A Rosenberg Oddisee back in 2008, her music has evolved to include a variety of genres. For her latest effort, Re: Dux, her sound is a bit more dance/electro pop oriented yet it still bears that signature Tiara touch.

Tiara Wiles: This is Tiara

Tiara has been singing since she was a child and it seems like she can't imagine her life any other way. She grew up in Pittsburgh, PA singing in a choir and on her own all the way up to her senior year of high school, but her career really took of when she moved to Washington D.C. to attend Howard University. She started meeting people like-minded people who loved music as much as she did, giving her the confidence to work even harder towards her dream. Not much later Tiara met her current manager, Mic Sean, at one of D.C. music venues and everything started falling into its right place.