Sostanze Records seem to always deliver when it comes to great electro and techno music, and this time is certainly no different. With beats from some truly amazing DJs, such as Flux, Bebop, Alexis Storm, Digital Brain, and Msl Project, Alterazioni is yet another release that should not go unnoticed.

Filled with finger tapping electro sounds, powerful synths, and lots of pure electronic love, the album will surely make you dream about getting right back on the dance floor even if it means turning your living room into the hottest club in town.

Alterazioni begins with one of the more chilled and calm tracks on the album, My Buddy. It is a beautiful techno piece with just a touch of rock guitar traveling among wonderfully deep synths – a combination hard to find in the world of electronic music.
But don’t worry, the album also comes with several cuts that will surely help you in testing the limits of your new, powerful speakers! Sick Like That is one of them, so be prepared to be taken right into the more dynamic, club-like electro beats full of vocal snippets and some mind blowing synths.
Other tracks like Clone, U Turn, and Prawn are also well worth your attention so turn up the volume and give them a listen, or two.

Overall the album is a great combination of sounds from five truly amazing DJs, some of which started their career being as young as 14 years old. If your true love was and always will be electro/techno music, than Alterazioni should feel like a really nice treat.

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