Month: February 2012

Corinna Rose: Corinna Rose

Folk songs always make me smile. There's something about that slight honky tonk banjo sound that makes me think of life as a piece of cake. This self-titled debut from Corinna Rose is no exception. It comes with that feel-good sound that you can play over and over again without getting tired. This is the first compilation for the singer, although she's released several singles before this one. This time around, she's armed with an acoustic guitar, a banjo along with her beautiful voice; ready to showcase a short EP that is both enjoyable and worthy of a listen.

Old Photo PRO

Many people have a habit of playing around with pictures and adding various effects for fun. Well than, if you are one of them Old Photo PRO is the perfect solution for your iOS device. With Old Photo PRO, you will have the option to give a complete golden-era touch to the pictures. The app was developed by Deion Mobile and is a very casual application for some light-hearted fun.

Nick Rivera: Happy Song is a Happy Song

Have a sweet spot for folk electronica music? Happy Song is a Happy Song by Nick Rivera is a compilation you should check out. The man behind this musical project is Michele Sarti, an Italian singer/songwriter who has a gift for transforming various instruments and sounds into a whole menagerie of quiet beauty. His sound captures elusive and fleeting moments so perfectly that it's hard not to fall for it. After years spent playing drums for a number of rock bands, Michele eventually sought more experimental and free form sounds. This led to rediscovering instruments like the French horn and exploring a more meditative, free-folk form of sound.


So here we finally have something for all Windows Mobile users. Penguin is a very casual game set ready for you to enjoy in the spare time. Its certainly not a serious game but more of a fun offering or a children oriented play. Developed by Mike Newman, an individual developer, the game tried to embody a minimalist approach without any glitter and glamour. The game itself can be termed as a true time-killer and give birth to a new genre in the mobile gaming world.

The Stalactites: Dark Matters

If you're looking to get your progressive rock fix, The Stalactites' Dark Matters could help you in this department. Made up of Johnny B. (guitar), Rudy Hellio (piano, guitar, programming), and Sophie Hebbelynck (violin), The Stalactites is actually a virtual band; making use of the internet and sending each other recorded files from miles away. Dark Matters is the second compilation for the group. It was released back in August 2011. Don't expect crazy progressive riffs in here though, the album dwells more on the atmospheric/ambient side, combining hazy guitars with moody violin work and great programming.


The Android ecosystem is filled with some really interesting apps that increase the productivity by leaps and bounds and UC Browser 8 is an example of this productivity. This particular browser not only delivers a desktop-like experience, but also increases the browsing speed considerably. Developed by UC Web itself, the quality of the app is something to be rest assured off. The developers claim that UC Browser 8 on the Android delivers a true web-browsing experience on a smartphone.

Tap: Im Different

The Great Society Media Group is a company that serves as a "promotional vehicle for local record labels in NC." CEO & Founder, Tap (Terry Perry) makes his mark by showcasing his unique blend of sound by releasing this latest effort. Combining a variety of genres, Im Different is an interesting mix of sounds and beats. On one part it's classified as typical hip hop and r&b while on the other, you'll find electronic, acoustic and even jazz influences surrounding the record.


FxCamera is a straight shooter; it does what it says and does it to its maximum potential. If you need any proof, just check out the download numbers, which should speak for themselves. Created by ymst, the developer might got close to a fail when it comes to his previous creation, but has scored gold with FxCamera, a brilliant job to say the least. Personally, this is one of those few apps that gel into the whole Android ecosystem without breaking a sweat.

Paulo Coelho: The Way of the Bow

From the best selling author Paulo Coelho, the man behind the The Alchemist and Veronika Decides to Die comes yet another soulful story published last 2008. The Way of the Bow, centers around the story of Tetsuya, the best archer in the country, who conveys his teachings to a boy in his village. Unlike his other works, Coelho's writing here was surprisingly Japanese in style - similar to a master giving advice to an apprentice. He showed a deep knowledge about archery (including its technical aspect), and used it as a metaphor to convey teachings on work, overcoming difficulties, steadfastness and courage to take risky decisions.