IML-ShOSeaThe Intercontinental Music Lab (IML) is a world-wide music project whose aim is to promote musical collaboration. The core contributors, originally from Cambridge, England are now writing and recording music all over the planet – and new international collaborators are being enlisted every week. IML Collaborators submit backing-tracks to IML H.Q. where they are randomly redistributed to other collaborators who write lyrics and record vocals. The subject of IML’s first album was “Superheroes of Science”, second “Superheroes of Sea” and the third was “Superheroes of Space”.

“Superheroes of Sea” is a melodic, sometimes dark sometimes upbeat alternative pop album and the second one in the Superheroes trilogy. Recorded by musicians from America, Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom, the album celebrates the denizens and heroes of the sea, both above and below.

The track listing:
1. How to Prove a Point [Thor Heyerdahl] (4:34)
Music: Tim Donderevo
Lyrics and Vocals: Jules Peters
2. Nemo of the Nautilus [Captain Nemo] (5:56)
Music: Joseph Ashley-Smith
Lyrics and Vocals: Barney Brown and Layla Vandenbergh


3. Sea City [Sea Cities] (3:47)
Music: Greg Dean and Rob Fisher
Lyrics: Eric Lebofsky
Vocals: Eric Lebofsky and Jenny Cohen
4. Molusco Hermoso [Hexabranchus Sanguineus (the Spanish Dancer)] (4:05)
Music: Jules Peters
Lyrics and Vocals: Kip Loades
5. Cunning Odysseus [Odysseus] (3:29)
Music: Eric Lebofsky
Lyrics and Vocals: Barney Brown, Oli Hayhurst and Tim Donderevo
6. For Fear of the Light [Abtu and Anet] (3:00)
Music: Dan Waldkirch
Lyrics and Vocals: Nick Osbourne
Backing Vocals: Madeleine Staples, Doug Stuart, Rob Fisher, Richard Yates
7. The Testimony of Oliver Deveau [The Mary Celeste] (4:27)
Music: Oli Hayhurst
Lyrics and Vocals: Joseph Ashley-Smith
8. Plankton [Plankton] (3:53)
Music: Rob Fisher
Lyrics: Tim Donderevo
Vocals: Kelly Hoglund and Tim Turton
9. King of Pirates [Edward Teach (Blackbeard)] (3:00)
Music: The Incredible Flight of Birdman
Lyrics: Dan Waldkirch
Vocals: Dan & Maria Waldkirch
10. The Love Song of the Mako Shark [The Mako Shark] (4:19)
Music: Dan Gresham
Lyrics and Vocals: Timothy S Marchand
Backing Vocals: Jules Peters
11. The Shelter of a Shanty Home [Flotsam] (3:14)
Music: Timothy S Marchand and Jules Peters
Lyrics: Rob Fisher
Vocals: Rob & Audrey Fisher
12. Oh Jeannie [Jeanne Bare] (4:47)
Music: Barney Brown
Lyrics and Vocals: Greg Dean
Glockenspiel: Don Schwartz
13. Windy Old Weather (Fish of the Sea) (4:09)
Music: Trad./Jules Peters, Greg Dean, Rob Fisher and Aya Saito
Lyrics: Trad./Kip Loades
Vocals: The IML
Produced by Barney Brown and Tim Donderevo

Mastered by Tim Donderevo

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