Simple folk pop with a penchant for name dropping. Robin Grey creates lovely folk music, no doubt about that. I Love Leonard Cohen, is a 4 track EP released after his first full length debut, Only the Missile. His latest album is Strangers with Shoes and contains 8 folk acoustic rock tracks.

Grey has a gift for creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere with his music. Influences from Leonard Cohen, Ani DiFranco and Bob Dylan reign supreme in his work.  So if you love music from those artists, chances are, you’d appreciate this EP.

Robin Grey makes music that is easy to listen. His voice is naturally reassuring and his delivery is unhurried giving the listener a chance to digest and take it all in.  He is backed by a five piece band which helps to create the sweet and dreamy tracks in his compilation.

I Love Leonard Cohen showcases how Grey can masterfully express his thoughts without so much shoving it down anyone’s throat. The title track reminisces about the past, serving as a strange and somber tribute to great musicians like Jeff Buckley, R.E.M, Meatloaf and several others. The Winter Blues nicely incorporates the banjo, of which Grey is also an accomplished player. Shakes and Shoulders, on the other hand, is one of the best tracks out of this compilation. It is the ideal song to listen to on a winter morning, while sipping your hot cocoa cup and looking out the window.

Grey has received numerous praises for his work, including this EP. All of his releases are available for a free download under a creative commons license.

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