Dimensions is a 2-hour educational video about Mathematics. Featuring 9 chapters that take you up to the fourth dimension, enjoy two hours of mathematics with some of the most famous Mathematicians in the history.

From circles to spheres, square to cubes, and even more complex stuff such as geometry and the Hopf fibration, this collection of videos definitely is a must-see for just about anybody.

Dimensions starts off with topics that can be appreciated by elementary students. Chapter 1 and 2 are quite elementary, with topics ranging from meridians, parallels, and some philosophical elements. They feature dimension two, and dimension three, respectively.

The next chapters of 3 and 4 are double chapters, but they could still be shown and understood independently from each other. These chapters are taken care of by Ludwig Schläfli, and the fourth dimension is introduced. Since we won’t be using any 4D glasses with these ones, there are still very nice pictures with 4D effect. Dimensions say that if you do not understand, you may push the pause button, or just enjoy the cool pictures.

Remember that the level of Mathematics increase as you go through the chapters. Chapters 5 and 6 are all about complex numbers, and can give you a rather complex relationship with Mathematics by this points.

Chapters 7 and 8, on the other hand, are introductions to the Hopf fibration, and they are not even taught in the first years in the University. These chapters can spark your imagination and understand, but it could also make your head hurt. However, there is really no harm in trying – and with its simplicity, you can probably understand them.

Chapter 9 is about the proof of a theorem in geometry. Don’t get too nervous, though, because they use really simple things to explain, that you would probably beat your other geometry classes in secondary school.

Overall, this collection of Mathematics video will surely be enjoyed by your kids, by your class or even yourself. You get to know more in a more interesting way, and hopefully by then, you wouldn’t hate mathematics too much.

Dimensions can be watched online, or you can also download it.

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