Dreamy acoustic folk pop in a Japanese wrapping. Secret Ocean is Hiroumi Takatsuka on vocals and he creates laid back acoustic indie folk rock. Kokoro No Furyoku is the Japanese singer songwriter’s latest release and is filled with 11 acoustic driven songs. Seven cuts from the album is available for free download on Jamendo, but if you want all 11 tracks, feel free to help out the singer and buy the album at CD Baby or Amazon.

Although he cites influences from U2, Coldplay and Del Amitri, they are not really as pronounced on the release where Hiroumi’s prominent sweet vocals takes center stage.

Secret Ocean is an indie acoustic group based in Japan. Led by Hiroumi, Kokoro No Furyoko contains sweet vocals, plenty of harmonica and melodic acoustic guitars. The album contains tracks that are both in English and Japanese. Each track contains an upbeat and fun sound that is perfect for a relaxing listen.

Probably one of ┬áthe catchiest tracks in the album, Photograph, is a perfect opener. The relaxing feel of the beat matches Hiroumi’s heartfelt and expressive vocals. On the other hand, title track Kokoro No Furyoku, opens with a pleasant beat and incorporates sweeping guitars as well as complimenting vocal work. The track makes for a perfect background track while sipping lemonade in your patio. Up in the Cloud is a nice Japanese English cut that infuses classic lyrics to an otherwise relaxing song.

Even if half the time you might not understand what he is singing about, the Japanese tracks communicates in a universal language. Essentially pouring out through the endearing vocal work, the sweet strumming of the acoustic guitar, the heartfelt lyrics and the beautiful harmonica work.

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