Like most of Konjak’s games, The Iconoclasts, is a short, incomplete platformer that packs enough punch to keep players interested. It seems the developer has been struggling with finishing most of his projects ever since before. Nevertheless, he still manages to create interesting and very entertaining pieces that’s enough to make any fanboy/fangirl want more from him.

Konjak or Joakim Sandberg is also the brainchild of the much praised indie favorite, Ivory Springs. He creates and works on almost all of the parts of the game, including rendering, soundtrack and programming.  The Iconoclasts is the latest release from the developer and promises to be as exciting as his previous projects.

The Iconoclasts is actually a revamped version of Ivory Springs. Although much of the game is still incomplete, it’s still very playable. By looking and comparing the two games, you won’t even recognize that they’re actually related. The graphics has improved by leaps and bounds while there are also extra bits added to the storyline and gameplay.

This new take pretty much has the same content as the first one. The developer seems to be in between several other projects as well. As much as this game is quite promising, it looks as if it won’t be further improved. Regardless, the game is still fun to play. If you enjoyed Ivory Springs before, you’ll certainly like this much improved version much as well. Grab the download right now.

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