A fun and quirky game, JellyCar has won its fair share of fans. Created by Walaber, the game puts you in control of a jelly car that will go through all the nooks and crannies until it sees the highly elusive stop sign.

Thanks to its popularity, succeeding versions of the App has been developed including the latest one by Disney. Of course, the newer versions are available for a price so it’s best if you give this free one a try first before shelling out the cash.

The game combines beautiful graphics, responsive controls and very addictive gameplay to turn it into a complete winner.

Your goal for each level is to look for the Stop sign. Until then, you have to search every square inch of the level. This means squeezing through tight spots with your jelly car or even blowing up your tires so you’ll get across unusual obstacles.

Controls for the game are simple. Of course, you make use of the device’s touch screen capabilities to control the car. You can pinch or zoom out. It’s also possible to steer from right to left and even to make your car turn upside down or tumble, just by flipping your device upside down as well.

Much of the starting levels are pretty easy but as you progress, it gets even more challenging. You have to be discerning and a bit more cautious when going through these stages. Graphics are very colorful and perfect for anybody who loves bright colors to keep them entertained. It’s actually a nice touch to the overall game.

In the end, JellyCar is a fun game to check out. This free version offers about 28 levels, original music by Matt McCarthy, full sound effects as well as an option for using several languages.

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