Cup Cakes and Duct Tape is a 21-track (yes, that many songs included) hip hop compilation from rapper Karizma. This is the latest album from the 16-year old rapper since his debut EP, Every Other F, was released in 2011.

Not much has changed since then, in fact his sound has gained more focus now and there’s also a bit more variety.

Karizma is Morgan Parriott, a teen who enjoys music, making people laugh, wrestling and hails from Minnesota. Despite the young age, the artist is showcasing a whole lot of talent up his sleeve. This one is for fans of Eminem, Nas and J Dilla.

The singer states on his site that  he’s “jus (sic) tryin to get heard, and let people know that i am here to show people what i got, and hopefully to provide fans/listeners with good quality hip-hop music.” 

There’s little bits of everything in this record, from slightly trippy electro hiphop in parts of Lunch Room; to the more poppy track, Fruit Punch; and even the dance club ready, Something Like A Love Song. Occasionally, you’ll hear the artist taking it a bit slower and tackling serious topics about love and life, like in Get By which features Black Chain.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new hip hop artist to check out, you should give this record a try. Karizma might be young but he’s proving that age is nothing but a number when it comes to his skills and rhymes.

Cup Cakes & Duct Tape is available for download over at BandCamp. You can also check out more about the artist by heading over to his website.

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