Deied is a German electronic duo composed of n1n0 and din-tah aeon. (Don’t ask me how to pronounce those.) The duo is set on creating some of the darkest and coolest industrial, electronic sound there is. According to their website, this is the duo’s 11th collaboration, although there are only 7 albums available in Jamendo as well as their official website that’s up for free download.

Formation of Chaos is filled with 10 dark electronic tracks often infused with melodic vocal work and layers of instruments.

It’s an album that combines a whole lot of synth, dark, symphonic musical elements that makes you feel as if you’re moving through the deep dark woods under a full moon sky. The group recently signed onto AF-Music, a cool German netlabel. However, they maintain that much of their musical values still remain intact and until now to them “DEIED is PAIN, DEIED is INSANITY, DEIED is ART.”

This 10 track album opens up with the dark synth romp, Tribal. This is probably one of my most favorite cuts in the album. There’s a rich layer of sounds that makes me think it’s the type of music Darth Vader would have had on his iPod. Meanwhile, Pandora is another track that’s heavily infused with hard rock industrial components. As usual, it reflects a pitch black atmosphere and showcases whispery sweet vocals.

Meanwhile, Noctem is a bit more dance electronica inspired than most tracks. Its growly synth-upped vocals remind me of a darker, more evil version of Rob Zombie’s Enter the Rave.

Overall, the album is a great mix of beats. It has a nice 80s touch to its sound and incorporates several music genres distinctively. Pretty awesome production values as well.

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