Playing retro alternative indie pop, On Returning, makes certain that people never forget the good old 80s. A Touch of the Top of the World is the group’s first major compilation following a short EP release.

Compiling 9 upbeat retro electronica sounding pop in one record, A Touch of the Top of the World, resonates with the same aesthetic as songs from their previous and recent releases. It combines lovely, uptempo indie alternative rock with an 80s synth touch here and there. If you’re a big fan of The Cure or maybe yearned for a more rockish Pet Shop Boys, then this record will make you happy.

The compilation starts off with the laid back, pop infused cut, Paris (Energy of Life.) It features a catchy melody that’s perfect for a springtime afternoon walk in the park. The vocals exude a retro feel but it beautifully mixes with the instruments and the melody of the song.

Another worthy cut from the record include, Is There a Place for Me in this World. This is a mid-tempo, reflective track that combines moody vocals with slightly edgy guitar work in places. Karma is a Bitch (remix) also makes a nice statement. It’s one of those tracks that you can imagine playing in your bedroom or on a morning bike ride.

Overall, although I wish the vocal work was laid out much better, it’s still a good album to check out. This is especially a gem to people who love retro 80s music, in all it’s synth glory. On the other hand, if you are only  a fan of the decade in moderation, then there are still several brilliant tracks worth checking out.

Give this a download by hitting the Download Album on the upper left. You can also check out their more recent record, Thieves Like Us, right here. Both albums are available for free and licensed under creative commons.

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