Some music fits a certain mood or setting just perfectly – it is raining outside and you are locked inside your house with nothing to do but stare outside the window, little drops of rain trickling down the glass. Or, it is 2 a.m. and you are suddenly jolted awake with no hopes of returning to sleep, so you fix yourself a cup of coffee and sit in the dark, stirring the spoon in the hot mug. For both scenarios, Foreign Fields’ Little Lover album can definitely play in the background providing you with the perfect soundtrack.

Foreign Field’s sound can be simply described as folk with hints of electronica. It sounds bare in a beautiful way. No unnecessary musical distractions. No uncalled for solo guitars or drumming. They sound clean, put-together and in sync, like a swarm of bees working together to keep the colony in perfect working harmony.


Perhaps the band’s simple yet layered music can be attributed to the fact that Foreign Fields is just two people – Eric Hillman and Brian Holl. They managed to direct a sound that is focused between the two of them while keeping a sense of completeness in their music. It can be sparse, yes, but what they present here is the fact that there is beauty in simplicity. Title track Little Lover is a soft, dreamy song deserving of an equally dreamy music video. The guitars are muted, the vocals hushed and comes with a tinge of electronica. This is the kind of song that makes you lean towards your record player so you could listen to it better and pay closer attention to the details, which are often lost in big bands and their big sounds.

Foreign Field has drawn great comparison to Bon Iver, mainly because of the nimbleness of their sound. But for what it’s worth, Foreign Field has managed to come up with a sound that they can call their own. And they are definitely an act you should keep track on your radar.

Track List:
1. Little Lover
2. Names and Races
3. From the Lake to the Land
4. Pillars (LIVE)
5. The River Kings
6. Fake Arms
7. Fragile Branches

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