DJ and producer SoulClap is sharing his craft by offering a free Beat Tape to emcees, fans and general listeners. Filled with 12 instrumental beats, each track can be used for your own devices provided you credit back the artist, of course.

SoulClap is actually a hip hop producer who manages his own recording studio back in Germany. Back in his country, he has produced music for various talented artists like Freeway, Smif N Wessun, Epsilon Project, Those Chosen, Dominique Larue and several other new artists.

It’s definitely a great compilation for those looking to try their hand at mixing and creating their own sound.

The Beat Tape is  a great compilation that any rising emcee would love to have. All the tracks run for about 45 seconds and are quite diverse. From the cool, hip hop and bass driven vibe of Crazy About U, to the gypsy sounding little loop of Crime Rate and down to the soulful R&B infused beat of If Lovin’ You isn’t Rite; this beat tape is worth checking out.

Some of my favorites include Sahara with its Moroccon-style sound and Jazzthang because of its very low-key yet groovy beat. Although at times I wish this were more than just a “beats” album and a full-pledged record instead, it is still quite enjoyable. It’s much more useful to aspiring emcees or dj’s but it doesn’t mean regular listeners can’t enjoy 45 seconds of bliss with these tracks.

Grab the download, it’s available for free. Also check out SoulClap’s videos over at his Youtube page.

Crime Rate by soulclapbeats

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