What if you suddenly wake up in front of an unfamiliar house after opening an ordinary looking package? Enter Martin, he’s a bachelor and sculptor that specializes in human figures. He creates puppets.¬†

One day he was just going about his day when he suddenly finds himself transported into a world somewhere between dreams and reality. He must explore, figure out why and find out how to escape this place once and for all.

The Marionette is a spooky free game that features superb graphics as well as very tight storyline. It’s a traditional 2D point and click adventure game that was developed using AGS (Adventure Game System.) If you’re in for a really good chilling adventure, then you’re in for a real treat with this one. Perhaps one of the biggest points for The Marionette is the fact that it takes the point and click platform and transforms it into an engaging and exciting start off point for this cool game. It provides atmospheric settings infused with the right music to add to the mood of each scene. There’s hardly animation but it has such a tight storyline that you just want to find out who this “Alice” person is.

The game is rated for 16 years old and older. There’s not much on-screen violence but there are disturbing scenes especially towards the end, hence, the creators thought it best to pin it with that rating. ¬†Which, after playing the game, I thought was quite appropriate.

Like any point and click adventure game, you can interact with almost any object on the screen. There are puzzles that you need to figure out and some of them can become quite annoying, but that’s only a minor complaint. The controls are pretty easy; a bit clumsy in places but it’s all good once you get used to it. Also, the game doesn’t contain any voice dialogue so prepare yourself for a lot of reading. Most of the actions you need to do are integrated with each other. You might need to pick up a scrap of paper and have use for it later on, etc.

As mentioned, the biggest draw is the graphics and the mood that this game has. Everything looks like its handpainted while the dialogue is pretty interesting as well. It’s witty and often lets you take a glimpse of Martin’s personality. Even though you might not be a complete fan of horror adventure games like this, you might want to give this a try. There’s no doubt it’ll draw you into its dreamlike environment in no time and maybe give you a few goosebumps along the way.

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