Cyber is one simple yet very entertaining game. It’s created and produced by Italian game developer, Andrea Pignataro.

In the game, you are tasked to play former police officer, Jason Currial, who gets dragged into a whole web of mystery and adventure after his best friend disappears. Even though the game isn’t spectacular, it still manages to win you over. It’s quite apparent how much love, pain and effort went into the game so it’s difficult to simply dismiss it once you have started playing.

If you are looking for a good, average detective game to pass off time, then this is the perfect one for you. It might not break barriers but it certainly has its good points.

The game takes you on a cyberpunk investigation into the weird and odd storyline. There are plenty of surprises that greet you along the way. For instance, when playing the game, you’ll notice that it never really takes you back into the same scene. Expect to encounter more than 100 scenes and over 50 characters that will help or interact with you throughout  the game.

Developer, Andrea Pignataro, also ensures that you won’t be bored of the game by letting you participate in it. You can easily edit the spoken text and replace them with your own words.  And it’s adorable how you can beat a bodyguard robot that seemingly doesn’t have any weakness with the help of a shop-bought emitter. There’s also more than an hour’s worth of music if you wan to listen to it.

Overall, the game is short sweet and simple. It runs for about 20 minutes or so but it’s definitely worth it. Go ahead and enjoy this cool little game by hitting the download link.

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