Big Blood has had a rich history. They have released a total of 9 full albums in their career as a group. Their latest record, Dark Country Magic, compiles 12 amazing tracks that exude that wonderfully psychedelic yet vibrant atmosphere. The raw and DIY quality of the tracks are lovely and very engaging. It’s certainly worth checking out.

Big Blood is made up of Colleen Kinsella and Caleb Mulkerin, which are also from Cerberus Shoal and Fire on Fire.  The duo perfectly creates tracks that exude a hauntingly folkish and ethereal vibe. It’s certainly an album worthy of a place in your everyday playlist.

Go ahead and help out the band by purchasing their album. It’s available in CD and Vinyl formats. Alternatively, it’s also offered as a free download here and FMA.

Opening with, Oh My Child; this track has an old school, classic feel to it. The voice is wonderful and makes you feel as if you’re listening to a live broadcast from the radio. It’s this raw feel that makes the song quite endearing and a real treat to listen to. Meanwhile, the second track, Creepin’ Crazy Time is also a part of the netBloc 31 compilation that was just released by blocSonic. Again, Colleen’s vocals work wonderfully with the instruments. The single would serve as a wonderful soundtrack to a woodland nymphs convention.

Other tracks worth checking out include Reverse Hymnal, with its chorus singing and wonderful folk church charm. Song for RO-HE-GE is another must listen cut as well as the heartfelt, Coming Home Pt. III.

The band is definitely a must listen if you are looking for a unique and interesting sound. Hence, it’s no surprise that FMA (Free Music Archive) has described their music as “Rhythmically hypnotic, with a lot of melody and instrumental density; broadly considered a “psych-folk” band (fair enough), it’s fair to imagine that Big Blood have actually tripped over some long-hidden threads of indigenous Americana to discover a trove of musical and folkloric delights that somehow fossilized and disappeared, centuries ago.”

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