Looking for the perfect ambient music to listen to while you and your friends hang out on the evenings? Then let M.W.D’s Singing Forest be your companion as you listen to its electronic flavor mixed with nujazz and a tast of broken tempos.

Released under the BudaBeats Netlabel, Singing Forest would play with your aural senses with stock beats and tunes mixed together to create relaxing nujazz tracks.

Very few DJs are able to create good ambient music. Some create dance tracks, and others create hip-hops mixes, but not everybody has the right taste for nujazz – but M.W.D. certainly has it.

M.W.D. is your typical DJ at Radio Mi, based in Szeged, Hungary. Hit musical style is something that nujazz lovers should listen to: a bit of downtempo, with great rhythms and electronic flairs.

Singing Forest has 8 tracks which serve as great ambient music in coffee shops, or even during a nice bubble bath with scented candles. It’s something sensual and at the same time delights your ears. When you first listen to it, you might even think of a lush, green forest with singing birds. But then again, it could also be a flowing lake with seagulls singing. It’s up to you how you want to associate M.W.D’s sounds to.

Switch on to Rico for a bit of laid-back nujazz while you chat with your friends over barbeque, or crank it up a bit with Trouble Scene, and maybe sway your hips a few times with it. Singing Forest delights its listeners with a handful of aural experience, and would be a nice addition to your music collection.

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