‘Cheat Book’ is a cheat database which tracks cheat codes, hints, tips and walkthroughs for video games. After downloading this form of freeware, a gamer is able to access cheats easily from one central location. This unquestionably surpasses the usual process of using search engines to find gaming websites; which may not have the desired cheats in the first place. Avoid this hassle with CheatBook and use a neatly organized database which gathers cheats and walkthroughs from over 50 different cheat sites. Cheat Book also offers cheats for 17 different systems and over 17,000 games!

Once opened, this program displays games in a left-panel and once a desired game is clicked its cheats are revealed in an editor window. This allows a gamer to save or print a cheat with ease (using the obvious and available tabs). This function also allows one to edit cheat oneself and to save changes if he/she wishes. If a user cannot locate a cheat from within the database, after it is found, the option of adding it to Cheatbook is granted. This interface is extremely straight-forward and does not need much explanation.

Cheatbook offers a lot of extra features, some of these include: over 25 different skins, a newsletter and even a game of Tetris. This database is perfect for gamers from all consoles and it will ensure that your process of looking for cheats and walkthroughs is cut in half. Cheatbook is constantly evolving and improving. Over time, it will make finding cheats even easier.

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