By The Power of Money is not exactly a game, per se, but more of an economic exercise. This interesting 2D platformer is different but surprisingly fun as well. It’s a bit challenging and takes time to get used to. However, ultimately, once you get a handle of the gameplay and the rules, it’s quite entertaining.

In the game, your goal is to rebuild a stage as you play. You’ll need to buy and lay down blocks, each one having its own unique property, but you need to do all this within your budget. The game is not just enjoyable but also tests your budgeting skills.

The game lets you start off with 5000 credits. For every block you buy or lay down, your credits will be deducted. While playing the game, you won’t be allowed to substitute current blocks with one that’s been sitting in your inventory. Also you are allowed to use just five types of blocks available from any particular level.

There are also guidelines for when you can actually use each block. For instance, only one green block can be used at any one time. Brown blocks are quite cheaper and they work great for creating platforms or bridges. Meanwhile, the white blocks are temporary. Those that have a number stamped on them indicate how long they will last before they disappear or vanish. Orange ones have the capacity to change directions every time they hit or bump into something while the purple blocks actually start moving in the direction that their arrows are facing.

The game is pretty much non-competitive, it’s perfect for those who like unusual games and the satisfaction of achieving something.

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