“I want to create feel-good, inspirational and serotonin-raising musical experiences” says Mirva (stylized as MiRVA) on her website. She is an artist who creates her art with a goal – something to admire. And her second EP Get Ready is undoubtedly a giant step towards this artistic aim of hers.


Mirva’s latest EP features help from producer Braddon Williams who has worked with some of the biggest musicians in the industry like Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson, and it shows. The arrangements are layered and dense and have a sense of grandeur, giving prominence to heavy pianos, loud drum beats, occasional synthesizers and guitar melodies. However, the style of production changes completely on the last track Barriers where pianos are replaced by trumpets and booming electronic beats in the style of Arca.

The record is essentially built around the idea of upliftment and spreading positive energy. While the music and Mirva’s sophisticated song-writing do a great deal to bring about this feeling, the lyrics fall a bit short. As Mirva explores her way through the themes of confidence and self-love, there are moments when she enters the cliché territory. But these moments are easy to excuse as Mirva returns immediately afterwards with a strong hook or a melody to kick you back into bliss.

The EP, on the whole is a delightful listen. It’s not hard to imagine a lot of people who might have been motivated by Mirva’s music and it is possible that Mirva’s artistic goal has been reached with Get Ready.

Favorite Track: Stay With Me


Track List:
1. Stay With Me
2. Get Ready
3. Waiting
4. Make It Right
5. Barriers

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