Winner of the YoYo Games Winter Competition, Frozzd, is a cute little 2D platformer that certainly has its charm. The game itself is similar to Super Mario Galaxy, so if you are a fan of that then you might enjoy this one. Some even say that this one packs more fun than the one with the mustachioed plumber.

The game was created by Jesse Venbrux, mastermind of such celebrated freeware games like the Karoshi Series. Hence, you can be sure to expect plenty of fun and good times ahead.  Frozzd was done entirely on Gamemaker 7 and contains a typical storyline with some very cool, unique elements. 

In Frozzd, you’ll find yourself having the ability to jump from one planet to another. You play a spaceman who stumbles across a cryptic message while exploring a new planet. The message sends him off to another planet where he meets the king and finds out that all his subjects are held captive in some foreign icy land. Of course, you have to set off and save all those cute little “mubblies” from freezing to death.

The game not only displays visually stunning graphics but it also features a very unique and interesting gameplay as well. Basically, all you have to do is explore planets, find and rescue all the mubblies there and maybe kill an enemy or two. Gameplay is very engaging and the controls are very responsive. It also offers up a one-of-a-kind gameplay system that will please most gamers out there.

Music for the game is pleasant and doesn’t interrupt the gameplay. Boss battles also spell out tons of fun and the controls are very responsive. There aren’t that many reasons why just about anybody shouldn’t like this game. There’s about 12 levels that you can enjoy so hit the download button now.

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