Pick Up Sticks is a retro game where you pick and pull out sticks (hopefully) without making the pile fall. The added fun comes in as you explore and play in different modes and challenge other players online.

The object of the game centers around removing a stick from a pile without disturbing the remaining ones. It also has heaps of variations to keep it fresh. There are 4 single player modes, 10 stick themes, 5 backgrounds, a multiplayer mode and an incentive system to unlock features and bonuses.


The casual mode allows you to play down 50 sticks with no time limit. Arcade mode gives you three lives. Time attack mode gives you a minute to collect as many sticks as you can.

There is also a creative mode that lets you draw lines to create your own random stick pattern.

Pick Up Sticks is available for your iPad and iPhone, and now also available on your Android. The Apple website recommends ages 3-10 years but it’s definitely addictive for all ages.

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