To celebrate Reviewsic’s first anniversary, they have compiled 17 awesome tracks as a thank-you record of sorts. The record takes the works of some of the best up-and-coming music acts, and sandwiching them into one eclectic and powerful album.

Every single one of these acts are featured in  Reviewsic’s Anniversary shows. The site adds that these are “bands playing our shows in the downstairs “Dirtroom” at Double Door and Schubas Tavern all throughout the month of January.”

Reviewsic is the brainchild of Sam Gordon and is a haven for music lovers everywhere. The blog faithfully reviews new bands, artists, music, albums, live shows and even provides up-to-date music news. You can bet this compilation is among the best you’ll find out there. The record is a mix of indie, pop, folk, and little touches of everything else. It opens with a beautiful acoustic number, Rotten Woods, from Chicago indie folk group, Emblems. The track is filled with beautiful folk pop basics with hints of rock and punk slightly peering through. These little touches give the track a cool, alternative folk feel.

Meanwhile, The Des Plaines River, by Paul Gulyas (The Shams Band) is a very heartfelt track. It resonates of quiet, country living with its harmonica and gorgeous, reflective vocals. Another great cut to check out is Carl Hauck’s Martial Riesling. For some reason, his voice somewhat reminds me of a less whiny sounding Jason Mraz. The track features sweet guitar plucking. Definitely a must-listen for folk pop enthusiasts.

Here’s a full list of tracks and artists included in the compilation:

  1. Emblems – Rotten Woods 02:52
  2. Giant Radio – Kindling
  3. Paul Gulyas (The Shams Band) – The Des Plaines River 05:27
  4. Dan Price – Cliffs of My Heart 02:50
  5. Young Jesus – Eloise at the Plaza 03:23
  6. Automata – Give and Take 05:30
  7. Dastardly – Exercises in Self-Loathing 02:41
  8. Jared Bartman – Man of Letters 03:26
  9. Brendan Losch – The One Saying No 02:12
  10. Brontosaurus – Listeners Beware 05:24
  11. Jessica Robbins – Gathering Paper 03:37
  12. Mutts – Junior 03:15
  13. Carl Hauck – Martial Riesling 04:06
  14. Tricia Scully – Holding Out on You 03:54
  15. Snow n’ Charm – Hugs n’ Kisses 03:56
  16. The Noise FM – I Can’t Stop 03:30
  17. I Am A Nation – Comfort 05:21

You can also visit the site right here and check the new stuff they have. The Reviewsic Anniversary Compilation Vol.1 is available for free download and is licensed under Creative Commons.

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