It’s not hard to notice that there are countless “get things done” or GTD programs available online. One of the better ones that takes its place on the roster is ThinkingRock. This program will help you get things done without any hassles.

The program is great at forcing you to organize things logically following a strict process of collecting, processing, organizing and reviewing, so no more excuses. 

The program is easy to work with and features a simple user interface. This helps in getting everything done at a faster time than usual. You can take your ideas or thoughts and organize them according to your preference. Maybe you need to set up for an upcoming meeting or presentation or you simply need to be reminded of the general things to do later in the year.

The program also provides easy access for reviewing everything you have set up. This makes it easy to remember or be reminded of the items you need to get done. The program works great on various platforms such as Mac, Linux, and Windows.

One downside though, for those particular about the “look”  or aesthetics of a software; this program might not be best for you. It’s rather plain and even though there are colors, it’s not exactly breathtaking. However, aesthetics aside, it does work great and offered absolutely free.

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