For many people, TeamViewer needs no introduction. It’s considered as one of the most efficient tool available for file or screen sharing. The program allows users to easily share their screens or provide remote access to colleges or friends.

With the help of this software, it’s easier to access a co-worker’s computer if they need help fixing something on the computer. It’s also possible to share your screen with a friend or pretty much anybody who has the program installed on their computer as well.

The program was developed by GmbH, a German company that was founded in 2005. It’s available for free download with Version 6 as the latest stable version available.

Working remotely and communicating with your boss or team mates or maybe sharing your reports is now made easier, thanks to TeamViewer. This nifty tool makes communication so much easier.  It’s packed with plenty of helpful features that users can take advantage of. Best part is, the entire program is offered for free as long as it’s not for corporate or commercial use.

Some of its specific features include having the capacity to resize the screen that your viewer can see. It also allows you to choose between several options at the click of the drop down box. Moreover, it offers remote reboot, easy control switching and so much more. Closing the program is as easy as hitting the big X on the interface. There are also tons of options for personalizing the screen resolution, speed quality and even the chance to have a multiple-monitor display.

The more recent versions have integrated VoIP audio and video conferencing to make it easier for multiple individuals to speak and communicate with each other as they share their screens.

The program also offers several options that allow you to decide the type of control you want to offer up for your computer. The options include: remote support, presentation, file transfer, or VPN. It automatically remembers the computers you have previously connected with so there’s no need to worry about placing data all over again.

Overall, the program is easy to use and works wonderfully. Whether you use it with friends, family or maybe with co-workers; it makes file and screen sharing quite smooth and effortless. It is now available for PC, Mac, Linux and most mobile devices.

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