Managing a photo blog or a sketch blog can be a real pain if you don’t have the right tools to manipulate, resize or crop your photos easily. One great software that can help you out with this problem especially if you are a Mac user is iZoom.

This simple image resizing and cropping tool can easily take your images and resize it according to your specifics. It’s the perfect companion for those who love to post pictures online. Looking for a simple yet effective photo or image resizer isn’t exactly easy. Sure, there are tons of them online but some of them are a either too complicated to use or simply don’t provide the right effects that you want. With iZoom, you get everything you need along with a simple and easy to navigate interface.

Simply drag an image from your iPhoto inside the iZoom canvas and then pick a point to either zoom or crop an image. It’s the perfect tool to use if you want to upload images for your eBay site or your blog. You can also adjust the export quality of the images, optimizing them for viewing on your phone or other portable device.

Perhaps the best thing about iZoom is that it is offered absolutely. Mac users can enjoy this nifty tool without worrying about shedding tons of dollars to buy it. Of course, if you are feeling generous, you can show your appreciation by making a donation to the developers.

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