Listening to Astma is like going on a really weird and wacky ride. It’s filled with noises, words, and layers upon layers of sound that you can’t make out of. Despite all this chaos, there is an awesome gem hiding inside.

There Will Be a McDonald’s is a complicated mixture of sound that even some noise rockers might not get. The duo behind this eclectic cacophony is drummer and vocalist, Olga Nosova (Motherfathers), and industrial/electronic maestro, Alexei Borisov.

They first teamed up for the effort back in 2009 and since then have collaborated with various artists, poets & musicians to create a unique studio as well as live experience. 

This talented and unpredictable duo perform improvise music while onstage so the audience can never expect the same thing twice. Their unpredictability and unusual sound make this a delight for noise rockers everywhere.

You don’t really need song titles to distinguish the tracks because chances are you won’t be able to tell one part as it bleeds and coalesces through to the next track. There Will Be a Mcdonald’s is essentially one giant track separated by thoughtful pauses. It’s this sense of unity that also brings the album together.

As mentioned, the songs are a hodge podge of instruments, synths, spoken word, samples, electroacoustics, tons of noise and so much more that it’s hard to keep up with all of them. Your best bet is to sit back and enjoy all the craziness that ensues and enjoy the mastery of Alexei along with the hard rockin beats of Nosova.

It might be a bit tough to take in all at once for some, but it is an amazing record that’s should be worth looking into. The compilation is available as a free download under a creative commons license.

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