New Found Glory

Crescent Fresh: The Mondales

Crescent Fresh is the second album by The Mondales, a three-piece pop punk band coming from St. Louis. As an upcoming group from a genre where bands like New Found Glory, Blink-182 and Paramore already flourish, they sure have a numerous challenges to conquer but nevertheless their humble beginnings will eventually lead to their inevitable mainstream success.

Fine Young Firecrackers: From The Ground Up

If you're in the mood for some fine music, take a listen to Fine Young Firecrackers. This new band from Liverpool is among the latest group of awesome bands that have come out of the city. They bring in tons of energy, great beats and plenty of personality with their debut EP, From The Ground Up; making sure that you take notice and enjoy their sound. Their music is reminiscent of various feel-good punk pop acts that you put on if you just want some good, uncomplicated and enjoyable music to keep you company throughout your day.