Influenced by singers like, Paul Simon, Nick Drake and Elliot Smith, it’s no surprise that Matthew Solberg creates music like he does. He weaves together gorgeous acoustic guitar playing, a serene atmosphere and thoughtful lyrics in his debut album, I Am a Fool.

Composed of 7 tracks, each of the song was written and recorded by the artist. Floating between acoustic folk to melodic pop, this debut EP will prove great company if you’re feeling a little pensive.

The Nashville, Tenessee native has released a couple of albums so far. Apart from this debut EP, his latest release is a self-titled compilation that’s as lush and filled with beautiful songs just like this one.

Adept at creating a wistful mood, Solberg starts off the compilation with the title track, I Am a Fool. There’s something so refreshing about the sound of the guitar picking and vocals that makes this cut seem like a great welcome hug. You’ll easily feel at home and comfortable after hearing the first few minutes of the song.

Most of the other cuts echo the same atmosphere. In Rainy Nights, you’ll hear Sodelberg quietly reflecting about a lost loved one, singing “Oh I dream of rainy nights, they’re flooding up my brain / it’s hard to be so waterlogged and sane.” The rest of the other tracks are equally entertaining and continues to surround listeners with a sweet, relaxing sound. Perhaps among the highlights of the record, apart from the songs itself is Solberg’s skillful guitar playing. It’s a feat worth admiring on its own, really. His expert picking and transitions add a depth to the songs and often resonate with a warm beauty by itself.

I Am a Fool is a great acoustic folk pop compilation to listen to. Whether you want something to keep your nerves calm, or maybe just need some relaxing music as companion; this should be a great candidate. Grab the download.

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