Ben Gibbard

Dear Ale: Dear Ale

Dear Ale...'s self titled album employs a sound that will rock your socks off. The musical duo was formed in early 2009 when singer/songwriter Arlo Cook teamed up with Melbourne drummer Adrian Van Bloom. Dear Ale's music employs a unique blend of acoustic and rock with influences from Colin Hay, Ben Gibbard, Elliot Smith and Paul Dempsey. Their tracks exudes raw energy, fun and a lot of good vibes.

Exceptional Edward: Lost at Sea

It's not Ben Gibbard! Exceptional Edward's vocalist does sound a lot like him though. And even though their first debut album, Lost at Sea, may not be released under Deathcab's name, it certainly sounds promising. Lost at Sea from Exceptional Edward was released some time in 2008. Serving as their full length debut, after releasing, The Exceptional EP. The album is filled with swelling acoustic rhythms infused with poppy, sweet vocals.

Little Bribes: Little Bribes

Sweet voiced indie band in the same vein as Jack's Mannequin. Wisconsin natives, Little Bribes, is a perfect cookie cutter mold of some of the most popular indie bands today. With their sweet voiced vocals, reminiscent of Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate fame, plus the acoustic electronic touch just like Ben Gibbard's crew; it's hard not to fall for Little Bribes. The self titled debut album is packed with 11 indie pop tracks that makes for a great soundtrack to your everyday life. Although some songs could use professional quality recording, the album is pretty tight for an unsigned group.

Post Human Era’s To Build A Fire – lazy electronic pop at its finest

Two brothers channeling Deathcab for Cutie along with Radiohead. Perhaps one of the biggest pull that Post Human Era has on its listeners is the fact that they incorporate plenty of elements into their tracks. There are tracks showing hints of Nine Inch Nails, Kraftwerk and even the Postal Service. Underneath all this layering and synth work, there are nice vocals and sweet melodies that remind you of Ben Gibbard at his best. Daniel Finfer usually does the job himself inside the studio, but on the road, he jams along with brother, Michael, on samples, Steve Kurschner on drums as well as Josh Stark on guitars.