High-octane, intricate and frenzied – these are the best words to describe “Candles and Bombs”, Go Home Robot’s first ever album. The album is a polished mix of psychedelia, rock, pop, and electronica, with a healthy dash of mad experimentation that gives Go Home Robot a style that’s truly their own. On top of that, these guys from Arlington, VA know how to make love to their instruments and you can feel their passion in every song of this – dare I say it? – work of art. If you’re sick of bands who can’t play a guitar to save their lives, now is a good time to listen to people who seriously know their stuff.

“Locusts”, the opening track, sets the pace with feverish electric guitars and dynamic drum beats. “Candles and Bombs”, the flagship track, starts with a solid acoustic riff and soulful vocals. It then builds up to slow, sensuous, layered rock that just takes you away. “Porcelain Dolls” builds up the momentum in the first few seconds and increases the tempo until the mind-blowing finish. “Safe In The City” is made up of smooth electric guitar riffs and a heavy bass line. Of course, how can I not mention how awesome the vocals are? VJ Hyde sings with a measured, modulated voice that never goes out of tune but still manages to convey the rawness and angst of rock and roll.

Go Home Robot is composed of VJ Hyde (guitars, vocals, keys), Eric Keller (guitars, vocals), Blake Surbey (drums, backing vocals), Rich Bernett (bass, vocals, cello) and Devin Ocampo (backing vocals, additional guitars). Here’s a short explanation of the cool band name and their sound:

Go Home Robot is the name of a short film Rich made. We spent a year trying to come up with a name that didn’t suck and blow simultaneously. Eventually, we gave up and went with Replacement Agents. One evening we were all looking at one of Rich’s film projects and the words Go Home Robot flashed on the screen. V.J. said, “That’s a good band name.” The next day we changed our MySpace account, e-mail, Web site, had our matching tattoos removed, and it was official.

Our sound is one part heart, one part soul, two parts baking soda, and one full handle of whiskey. Imagine Syd Barrett locked in a mind-control battle with Robert Pollard. Now imagine all of the wasted psychic sludge pooled around their feet: That would be us.


“Candles and Bombs” was produced by Devin Ocampo and Go Home Robot and recorded at Inner Ear Studios, Arlington VA. The album is available for free at RockProper.com, an online music distributor committed to releasing new music in the form of free digital downloads.

Now, if you know what’s good for you, download “Candles and Bombs” right this minute!

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