Christmas means carols – admit it.

But if you are getting tired of all those Christmas carols being played over and over again, in traditional full-band arrangements or perhaps pop, then here is a different take on our favorite carols. Lonely Night by Maya Filipic features piano instrumentals of your favorite Christmas carols.

Now isn’t that the perfect companion for those warm nights right by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, while you both get into the Christmas spirit?


With four tracks of traditional Christmas carols played soulfully in piano, you would surely smile as you hear a softer and slower version of Jingle Bells. Fell all Christmas-ey and warm as you listen to First Noel and almost believe that there is somebody actually playing the piano for you in live. Tune in to Holy Night and feel as if your musical box is playing in a grand piano. And last, but definitely not the least, Silent Night truly completes the whole album as it magically transports you to a world of Christmas dreams.

Should you need some music for a family gathering, or to be in that holiday or Christmas once again, Lonely Night never fails to take you there. Don’t blame us if you even get teary-eyed when you listen to these tracks – Christmas would surely get your emotions.

Maya Filipic was born in Slovenia and grew beside the piano. At the age of eight, she already knew how to play the violin and the piano, but she knows that piano is the one for her. She started to compose all on her own, but she is most fond of playing music by ear.

Currently in Spain, Maya quit music school because she does not want to be trained as a robot just through the books and music theories that her teachers force her to play. She now travels and learns music on her own – pretty much how she wants to be honed in the craft of piano playing.

Snuggle up to that special someone and feel the spirit of Christmas through pure & passionate piano bliss.

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