Draw Something and join the craze.

Remember ‘pictionary” the boardgame where you draw a picture and your team mate must guess quickly to win. Imagine playing this on an smart phone or iPad and you’ve got the newest app sensation, Draw Something.

You are the artist and you are given a palette of colors and a word to draw with your finger on the screen. The object is to get your opponent to guess it correctly. If they do, you both get play money that can be used to buy new paint colors and brush shapes so essentially you are improving your skills as wells as the game.

This app is literally sweeping the globe bringing a classic fun game to social networking. iPad owners are in particular falling into addiction. iPhone phones and Androids have some limitations when it comes to the screen size that can be frustrating but they’ve still made it the world’s number one app (overtaking Angry Birds).

Now, you don’t have to be artist to enjoy or win the games you play. However, those with a true heart of the artist will love to contribute to the website and it’s a super way to promote your talent or be amazed by other creative types. Check out the Official Fan Website (see link below) to get hints, tricks, funny facts, top drawings, news and more.

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