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Draw Something

Draw Something and join the craze. Remember 'pictionary" the boardgame where you draw a picture and your team mate must guess quickly to win. Imagine playing this on an smart phone or iPad and you've got the newest app sensation, Draw Something. You are the artist and you are given a palette of colors and a word to draw with your finger on the screen. The object is to get your opponent to guess it correctly. If they do, you both get play money that can be used to buy new paint colors and brush shapes so essentially you are improving your skills as wells as the game.


Winning in Cestos Full means you have to be the last man standing. The game is an action multi-player that might seem simple but actually more complicated than it lets on. It's considered as one of the first multi-player Android games out there and has been winning tons of fans ever since its release. The game works on iPhone and pretty much any Android platform. It's easy to like and works great if you want to socialize and play with friends. The current version available is version 1.5 and features added logging. The best part about this game though is that it's offered completely free. What are you waiting for? Give it a try and see if you have what it takes to be the last man standing?

FrostWire for Android

The FrostWire team has worked long and hard to deliver the mobile version your favorite file sharing software to you. Now, they have finally taken the Beta off the software and introduced the application to the Android Market. FrostWire for Android is the first mobile application that allows you to search, browse and share files locally and over the Internet using your Wi-Fi connection in a P2P fashion.

Workrave – open source program that helps against repetitive strain injury

Want to minimize your risk of suffering RSI or repetitive strain injury? If so, this nifty tool could help save you from this problem. Workrave is a fun and very helpful tool that could help anybody who frequently does repetitive work like typing in front of the computer, to avoid any problems. The program works by reminding you to take micro pauses or breaks once in awhile. Workrave is a program that manages your breaks and even suggests things that you should do in order to promote better circulation and health as you work on your computer.

Filezilla – a free and easy to use FTP transfer application

FileZilla is a free, open source FTP client, with versions compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. FileZilla supports the use of FTP, SFTP, and FTPS (or FTP over SSL/TLS). This free yet powerful program is useful for regular FTP users who need a good, free option to transfer files. It's simple to setup and run, and it gets the job done. It has a very straightforward and user-friendly interface. It allows you to quickly drag and drop files from your computer to the server, or vice versa. It also allows you to set how many simultaneous uploads or downloads you want to run, making file transfer faster.

TweetDeck – Making Your Twitter Life Easier

Are you addicted to Twitter? Are you following so many people that you're having a hard time checking all updates at once? Do you want to see all your status updates, replies, and direct messages in one page? Then TweetDeck is the program for you. TweetDeck allows you to see everything at once, so you don't need to laod three separate pages just to check your replies and direct messages. It also automatically notifies you whenever new tweets are posted, so you don't have to keep refreshing the Twitter home page.


CDBurnerXP is a free application to burn all kinds of CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs and bootable discs. It has a logical, multilanguage interface, so it is fairly easy to operate, even for beginner users. CDBurnerXP is available only for Windows systems as of now, but it runs on versions as old as Windows 2000. It's a truly free software - even if you need this application for your company, you can freely install it on all computers.

Pod to PC or Pod to Mac

If you've ever held gigs worth of content on your iPod or iPhone and lost the originals on your computer - you will love this app. You might know by now that if you connect your fully loaded iPod to your freshly wipped computer, iTunes will automatically want to erase everything on your mp3 player and start fresh. iTunes will also not allow you to transfer music or videos from your iPod back to your computer if you've erased the original file from your desktop. Pod to PC or Pod to Mac will let you do it all! The applications are built to allow you to transfer music and videos from your iPod or iPhone into your Mac or PC directly into iTunes.