Gogol Bordello

Diner House: Selections from the Diner House Family Bands

Not much is offered online about this project except for the fact that it's the first installation in a compilation and features some really beautiful songs from talented artists. Composed of 10 selections from amazing artists, Selections from the Diner House Family Bands, is a tasty sandwich of punk, alternative, folk, and acoustic that offer up a real treat. It offers music from bands such as Wood Spider, Whale, Whale, Whale, Michael Ditrio, Hyena, and The Rotten Jazz Quartet among many others.

Plastic People: Pink Narcissus

Listening to Plastic People at first may seem weird. However, with the weird accent, folksy and gypsy 80s style sound, it's hard not to notice this band's unique sound. The group hails from France and are currently unsigned. Manned by Frenchman, Sèbastien Ficagna, who is basically the one-man crew of Plastic People. This sophomore album reflects a hipster indie 80s vibe throughout the record. The songs are danceable and easy to like even at first listen. To top it off, the vocals echo a Robert Smith feel which adds to the cool, retro sound. Great album to check out.

White Owl: Pepper

White Owl is a Russian folk core group that creates some funky folk rock music. Equipped with different tastes in music, ranging from alternative, indie, hardcore, disco and folk, the band's music is a result of this diverse musical fusion. Pepper was released a couple of years back and comes with quirky, upbeat and fun tracks that's sure to get you moving.

The Freak Fandango Orchestra: Love, death and a drunken monkey

Another band to love for Gogol Bordello lovers. The Freak Fandango Orchestra mixes folk, gypsy, punk, rock and intertwines it with weird lyrics about monkeys and the circus.Describing their sound as the ultimate circus music is definitely a bit of an understatement. Love, Death and a Drunken Monkey is this eclectic group's first compilation and it's the perfect soundtrack if you feel like throwing a folk, barnyard beer slinging party. It definitely won't disappoint.