There’s nothing like a good zombie game to spend your afternoon’s on and eXtermination is among the long list of such finds that’s invading the indie gaming world for some time now. Created by Panic Arts, this zombie apocalypse is a horror platformer that incorporates great fun and interesting game play to create a more than just entertaining adventure.

Being a fairly new game, it isn’t perfect yet it still manages to engage gamers in a full-on entertaining zombie romp. With two game modes available, several weapons at your disposal and tons of zombies for target practice, this is quite a fun game to check out.

eXtermination lets you play as Fred Tayler, a cop doing his duty by responding to a distress call from a colleague. However, as he heads on his way, he finds the town overrun with zombies and no living soul on sight.

The game throws you in a chaotic situation; fielding off zombie attacks left and right.¬†Unlike regular zombie games, you’ll encounter different types as you play.¬†To kill a legion of the undead, you need to move and aim using the mouse cursor. Choosing the type of weapon you want to use can be done by pressing the numeral keys on top of your keyboard.

If a zombie grabs you, pressing the left and right cursor back and forth will help loosen its grasp. Meanwhile, pressing the letter E allows you to activate a console or open a door. Aside from zombies, you also have to solve various puzzles strategically placed within the game.

Overall, gamplay is quite good. It’s fun and very engaging. The puzzles aren’t exactly throwaways either. Pretty much, if you love zombie games or maybe just need a game to kill off a couple minutes then you should give this one a go.

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