Men in Black 3 by Gameloft is one of those movie tie-in games that actually works. The game is a combination of turn based fighting and gathering resources. MIB 3 pulls it off successfully. In many ways, the game is more interesting than the movie.
The premise is familiar: players start off with limited materials. As the game progresses, you get to expand the MIB base and create powerful weapons. Aside from base expansion, you’ll be able to heal injured agents and upgrade equipment. With assistance from agents D and J, your chances of saving the Earth from aliens increase.

Gameplay is turn-based, so you need to keep tapping; afterwards, it’s the aliens’ turn. Real time strategy gamers might be uncomfortable with this. However, it works very well in most situations. It’s most effective when there are many agents firing and your weapon gets an upgrade. The game uses icons so you don’t get confused in the midst of battle.

Make no mistake about it though; the AI is good and you’ll get hit hard. Gamers looking for a challenge will be happy about this. However, the game progresses at a nice pace. A new player should be able to make adjustments and get used to the environment.


Men in Black 3 doesn’t have the movie actors’ voice files, but this does save a lot of smartphone space. Representations of the agents are decent. The rest of the graphics are gorgeous. The story is pretty good as well. The music has also has a nice retro feel to it. Overall, the game is very good. It is certainly way better than most movie game tie-ins.

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