Rush Hour is a simple but very addictive game. The game tackles a subject that we are all too often familiar with, traffic jams. Your goal is to move all the other cars out of the way, so your virtual car can actually get out of the garage.

The game works for both iPhone and iPad and is available in several languages. It was developed by Thinkfun and has gotten tons of great reviews from gamers and game reviewers.

There’s no denying that once you do give it a go, you’ll find it hard to stop obsessing about how to clear out the way or make a path for your vehicle. It’s definitely a fun-filled game that will keep you busy.

Anybody who loves brainiac puzzle games will definitely have fun finding a solution to this traffic jam. Of course, if you simply love bright, colorful objects then you’ll enjoy this game as well. As mentioned, you can play this on your iPhone as well but there’s definitely a big advantage to playing the game on the iPad’s big screen.

It’s one of those game that will hook you instantly and cause you to lose track of time just trying to figure out the solution. The game scores points based on how many moves you make, just like in chess. Also, if you get stuck in one level, the game can provide hints to move you along.

This free version serves as a perfect introduction; giving you 35 levels to play around with and solve. However, if you want to go an extra step further, you can avail of the paid version for only $2.99 and get over 2500 levels!

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