Coming in as the 12th release from the Cut Records roster, Roughquest and its Hybrid EP is certainly living up to expectations.

Hailing from Berlin, “James brings us some strong experimental bass-weight in the form of the three-track Hybrid EP.”

Exploring dub step, techno and infusing it with tribal as well as world music; the three-song EP is a hodge podge of grooves and synths inside out. You’ll find plenty of interesting moments here. 

Creating a beautiful fusion of rhythm and style, Hybrid contains great quality content despite being only a three track compilation.

From the start, Out of You, begins the compilation with a dark melancholic vibe. Incorporating vocal snippets and unsteady beats, the song exudes a trippy feel that makes for a great mood setter. The track lasts for more than 7 minutes, hypnotizing and mesmerizing along the way. On the other hand, Northern Lights, is a more uptempo affair. It’s a track that employs percussion and tribal samples that help create a wonderful dance floor/rave track.

Hybrid EP closes off with, The Menace which is nothing but atmospheric throbbing beats. There are minimal vocal snippets on this one. Flowing like a passive mental though, the track employs occasional guitars and synths while being surrounded with a steady beat.

Although they’re fairly new, Cut Music has pretty much established themselves as one of the netlabels out there who hand out great quality, not to mention free, ambient electronic music compilations. Roughquest’s Hybrid EP is no exception. It has all the right elements to turn your boring little shindig into something worth remembering. Check it out and grab the download.

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