To celebrate their 1st birthday as well as their 1 millionth (and counting) music download; Italian indie netlabel, Bad Panda Records has put together an exciting 18 track Bad Panda Records Sampler 2010, as a thank you gift to their fans and supporters. The compilation comprises of cuts from some of the most promising artists that the free music online movement has seen so far. From guitar instrumentals, electronic, folk pop and even indie new wave; this compilation puts together an eclectic mix of tracks that will satisfy any music lover’s palette.

Recently overcoming their baby steps, the label promises to welcome the upcoming year with a huge bang; introducing more new artists as well as releasing exclusive singles and albums from talented musicians in their roster. Check out this awesome sampler right now! Ever since their inception, Bad Panda Records has been keeping up with their promise of releasing one creative commons licensed song every Monday. Thanks to this devotion, they’ve managed to accumulate great singles from great artists like guitar virtuoso, Gareth Dickson; retro indie psychedelic dreamy group, Dumbo Gets Mad; and folk pop “dirty dozen” Útidúr [ooh! – detour], just to name  a few.

Bad Panda Music by Bad Panda Records

Opening with the mood setting sound of Friendly Foliage, Masonic Meadows (Bad Panda Edit), is a gorgeous introduction into this rich and diverse compilation. It’s followed by Dumbo Gets Mad and their highly catchy single, Eclectic Prawn. This is probably one of my personal favorites in the record. Its jazzy, laid back intro puts you at ease and reminds you of warm sunshine hitting your face as you drive around the block in your top down vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Great Lake Swimmers bring in a dose of feel-good 90s-sounding indie rock with their cut, Gonna Make It Through This Year.  Maybe it’s just me but the vocals closely resembles that of Robin Wilson (Gin Blossoms;) hence, associating them with 90s music. Another personal favorite is Fisherman’s friend from Útidúr.

Inspired by the free music movement as well as various key figures that promote free and legal music online, Bad Panda Records have slowly shaped their label into a haven for free music lovers everywhere. Every single one of their releases is licensed under creative commons and available for download on their site.

The label is looking forward to a great new year filled with awesome new releases including a much awaited full length debut from Dumbo Gets Mad.

If you are looking for a great way to sit back and enjoy the world around you, then do it with this lovely sampler playing on the background. The record is filled with honest sounding tracks from talented musicians and compiled by a label that truly knows how special free and legal music can be.

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