alternative pop

Them Hills: Rad Disguise

What’s it like to hear ‘demos’ that are as good as studio productions? You’ll be pleasantly surprised. This is the idea behind Rad Disguise, the latest release of the four-piece band Them Hills, whose name was a play on their town’s (Los Angeles) nickname, “The Hills”.

Diamond Youth: Don’t Lose Your Cool

A remnant from the bygone era of 90s alternative pop rock, Diamond Youth would've have stood comfortably alongside bands like Jimmy Eat World. Don't Lose Your Cool rolls in with a bunch of catchy indie alternative tracks that resemble an awesome college radio playlist. You'd never guess it from their current sound but the members of the Baltimore crew came from hardcore bands, Trapped Under Ice and Down To Nothing. They're currently making waves with their brand of quieter yet catchy sound with this compilation.