Hassen Daoues has been around the industry for awhile. He’s released several singles/compilations under different pseudonyms like Anagramist and A Textura From Heaven.

Today, he’s back with a different moniker; Killed By A Word. This time he brings in tow his latest compilation, Kids With No Life Manuals.

More experimental, the Tunisian artist describes it as a collection of tracks that focuses on the study of textures and samples.

This 6-track EP is filled with layers of instruments and lots of atmospheric sounds. Starting with the grand cut, Son; the track makes you feel as if you just stepped inside a majestic and holy place. There’s an air of oppression as well as curiosity that abounds in this 4-minute single. It’s followed by God Loves Poor People More Than Smart Ones, which echoes an air of solitude. One of those songs you can hang over the background on your long nature walks.

Meanwhile, title track, Kids With No Life Manuals, features deep space sounds and a trip-hop vibe. The song adds deep synths, and at times showcases a slight video game feel.

On the other hand, final track, Crackles Love is filled with samples of chatter, talking children and people laughing that’s coupled with steady keyboard synths.

Overall, this ambient electronic compilation is a nice little getaway. It might be the product of experimentation but it’s something that came out just perfect. Give it a listen.

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