Jimmy Eat World

Radio Fallout: Mondegreen EP

Radio Fallout managed to achieve quite a feat considering they've only been in the industry more or less 5 years. In just two years since they formed in 2008, the group already managed to snag slots, performing in various prominent stages in and around Austin, Texas. The following months saw the trio of, Jonathan Palmer, Dan Walker and Caleb Scates, pursue their careers vigorously. By 2009, they recorded Mondegreen EP, which was self-produced by the boys along with Tim 'Tank' Casterline.

Diamond Youth: Don’t Lose Your Cool

A remnant from the bygone era of 90s alternative pop rock, Diamond Youth would've have stood comfortably alongside bands like Jimmy Eat World. Don't Lose Your Cool rolls in with a bunch of catchy indie alternative tracks that resemble an awesome college radio playlist. You'd never guess it from their current sound but the members of the Baltimore crew came from hardcore bands, Trapped Under Ice and Down To Nothing. They're currently making waves with their brand of quieter yet catchy sound with this compilation.

Awake! Awake!: We’ve Been Strangers

Even though this debut record from the band is a few years old; We've Been Strangers is still a great album to check out. It's a fast paced record that's packed with plenty of indie pop rock goodness. Made up of David Johnson on lead vocals; Andrew Goodwin on guitar; Taylor Powell on drums; and Chad Turner on bass; Awake! Awake! hails from Murfreesboro, TN. Inspired by bands like Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot, MuteMath and classic artists like U2 and The Police; their sound is a nice compilation of feel-good indie rock and melodic power pop.