Mathemagic likes to record fuzzy pop music that you’ll most likely want to get lost in when you’re having one of those challenging days.

Their music is both hallucinatory and engaging, making you want to simply float away as you take in each strum of the distorted guitars or listen to the zoned-out vocals.

II is the latest release from the dreampop Canadian trio. Despite being relative unknowns, they have produced a beautiful record filled with 11 tracks that mesmerize its audience from start to finish.

Mathemagic produces some of the most endearing tracks I’ve heard in awhile. Employing a combination of gorgeous dream pop beats with deep, solid bass, exciting harmonies and guitar work; each song transforms into a beautiful escape.

LAX is a great track to head for if you want to gauge whether to grab the download or not. The cut features twinkly guitars juxtaposed with the somewhat cold, mechanical vocals. They contrast nicely and give it a unique touch. Other gems to note in the compilation include High II; the beach-lovin’ soundtrack, Beechwood, as well as the harmony filled cut, Breastroke II.

II is an album tailor made for your quiet moments. For times when all you want to do is forget and live in your dream world for a little while. Hopefully Mathemagic can keep up their charm, it would be wise to look forward to their upcoming releases. For the meantime, take a listen and grab the download. This one is available for free.

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