Mathemagic: II

Mathemagic likes to record fuzzy pop music that you'll most likely want to get lost in when you're having one of those challenging days. Their music is both hallucinatory and engaging, making you want to simply float away as you take in each strum of the distorted guitars or listen to the zoned-out vocals. II is the latest release from the dreampop Canadian trio. Despite being relative unknowns, they have produced a beautiful record filled with 11 tracks that mesmerize its audience from start to finish.

[TED Talk] Arthur Bejamin does “Mathemagic”

Mathematics is really hard... not for Arthur Benjamin. In one TED Conference, Arthur demonstrated that math, no matter how many numbers and operations involved, can be done in just a snap of a finger. He doesn’t only love math, he also loves magic. Adding both together, Arthur came up with a very wonderful science, “Mathemagic.” “It makes math fun and interesting,” Arthur testifies on that and this video is actually a proof of his passion to make people see numbers and operations differently and not as the traditional curse bearer in grade sheets.