Bon Iver

Foreign Fields: Little Lover EP

Certain music fits a certain mood or setting. It is raining outside and you are locked inside your house with nothing to do but stare outside the window, little drops of rain trickling down the glass. Or, it is 2 a.m. and you are suddenly jolted awake with no hopes of returning to sleep soon so you fix yourself a cup of coffee and sit in the dark, stirring the spoon in the hot mug. For both scenarios, Foreign Fields’ Little Lover album can suddenly play in the background and it wouldn’t disrupt anything.

Broken Fences: Broken Fences

Save some feel-good nostalgia for Broken Fences latest self-titled album. Released last June 1, this acoustic treasure boasts twelve tracks that will move anyone's heart. This indie-folk duo from Pittsburgh is composed of Morgan Erina and Guy Russo. With a sound comparable to Bon Iver and Simon & Garfunkel, acoustic fans out there will surely love this talented group. Song For You opens with Morgan's soulful voice that sounds like Alanis Morisette. Blended with ambient strings that tones down to make way with whispering keys, this acoustic track is soft and powerful at the same time.

Daniel James: Comfortable Cage

Inspired by indie favorites Bon Iver, Racounters, The Shins, Sufjan Stevens and Kings of Leon, among others; it's easy to make Daniel James your new favorite if you like the music of the artists mentioned. Comfortable Cage flits between blueesy rock one moment and then moody folk rock to the next, entertaining the audience all the way through. The album itself is a couple of years old and was recorded at "ma and pa's house before they destroyed my studio and built a bigger kitchen... " according to the artist.

Giraffe: There Is No Devil

Carrying the moniker, Giraffe for this record, James Gardner releases his second compilation: There is No Devil. The album is a lush collection of folk, country alternative that's perfect for fans of artists like Bon Iver or similar soft folk singers. The songs resonate with acoustic guitars, beautiful singing and a catchy (sometimes odd) melody fit for most folk lovers. It's an album that could serve as a worthy background to a laid back afternoon where you just want some simple but engaging music to keep you company.