What’s the Word? new quiz with pics and words is a word association game, and it is one of the hottest games for the iOS right now. Created by RedSpell, it’s easy to see why it is so popular; the concept is very simple but it is very engaging and addictive. In the game, you are presented with pictures that can all be described with one word, and it is your task to find out what the word is.

But you don’t just have to rely on the pictures though, as there are a series of words displayed below the pictures. By using the four pictures as well as the group of jumbled letters below, you should be able to guess what the mystery word is. Once you figure it out, you will be rewarded with some gold coins and move on to the next puzzle.

The game isn’t as difficult as it seems. You might for instance, see a toy boat on water, a frog, a kid going into the water and schools of fish. If you’re wondering what the mystery word is, well it’s “swimming”. Or you might see pictures of a paper boat and origami. The mystery word here is “fold”.

Of course What’s the Word? new quiz with pics is not always that easy and it can actually be quite difficult in some cases. But not to worry since there is a hint system built in. When you get enough coins you can add one more image, reveal or remove a letter. While there are a lot of puzzle games out there for the iOS, few are as good as this.

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